What is Crowdbuy?

Tell us what you want, ACSACrowdbuy will group you with other members to form a bulk order, we’ll then select the best suppliers to compete and bid the lowest price for instant savings.

Live Crowdbuys

You can join a live Crowdbuy at any stage before it’s closed & awarded, so if you see live bidding for something you want, you can join the order.

How Crowdbuy works

This feature will be released shortly.

Starting a Crowdbuy is easy, it only takes a few seconds to log your order for the brand, model & quantity you want, then we’ll invite other members to join. Once we have enough orders to achieve a bulk discount, we’ll automatically launch the ACSACrowdbuy to suppliers who best match the product you want.

We’ll leave the Crowdbuy open for about 48 hours, then close and award the lowest bid and advise delivery & payment details to you.

For our suppliers to advise us on current stock levels
For locating urgent supplies for our Age Care Providers

Coronavirus is causing many aged care providers to experience shortages of critical supplies. ACSAProcurement are here to help.

For those providing services.
For those seeking services.